Vendor Spaces

Booth Space for Vintage Furniture and Home Decor

Have you been looking for a vendor booth to present and sell your vintage wares? We are a higher end boutique style store offering antiques, vintage and home decor. More importantly we are a top selling store on a prime street in Yucaipa, CA. We offer a variety of antique booth spaces to suit your needs.

Vendor Qualifications

Loved Furniture & Designs has earned its popularity by limiting its offerings to a certain scope and displaying them in a clean uncluttered manner. There is nothing wrong with random cluttered antique stores, but please understand that is not our vibe.

Please understand, some potential vendors are turned down. We operated for 2 years without vendors and we do not need vendors. That being said we love and welcome new vendors that love and respect our style and guidelines.

  • Accepted vendors will display uncluttered home decor item atop vintage and antique furniture providing customers with beautiful picture of how it could look in their home. We will not allow vendors that create a thrift store vibe aka “stuff piled on stuff, piled on…..” . Keeping your space full is very important but it must be done in a meaningful, artful, home decor styled way.
  • Catering more to the home decor shoppers, we do not allow collectibles ( I love Lucy & Elvis items… etc… have a place, but not in our store).
  • AGE MEANS SOMETHING. We are primarily a vintage and antique store with some new “vintage inspired” home decor. This means, painting a particle board 80s piece and putting it in the store is not acceptable. the “Newest” items in your space can be mid century (50-60) but the bulk of our store is MUCH older. If you have a wholesale account to purchase brand new home decor, that is fine, as long as it sticks with the vintage feel and is not going off on a modern slant.

You can find the full list of guidelines on our vendor contract. Please ask to see it in our Yucaipa store.

How much does a vendor space cost?

Our vendors pay $2 per square foot plus 5% of sales. Percentage covers credit card fees, bags and our incentive program that brings you more customers!

We DO NOT ask our vendors to work a day at the store. In fact, for liability reasons we will never allow this practice. We have the register and all store duties fully covered. You are only responsible for visiting your space regularly to make sure it is fully stocked, cleaned and displayed well.

Come visit our store today to talk about the possibility of a store space. 12154 California St Yucaipa, CA  92399