Using Vintage Molds in Home Decor

Vintage brick molds, sugar molds & cheese molds

Brick molds , have been one of our stores top sellers along with our sugar molds and cheese molds. Some of the uses  are obvious but my favorite thing is hearing all of the unusual home decor and functional ideas, shared by our wonderful customers.

The obvious uses for vintage brick molds would be grouping on the wall as a shelves or using atop tables for small decor filler or potpourri etc. More uniquely I have heard people put brick mold(s) in their bathroom as a creative way to hold a couple extra rolls of toilet paper. Brick, cheese and sugar molds are often lined up down the center of the dining table (or stacked) with candles, mini topiaries etc.

Vintage wooden molds in rustic weddings was something I was recently turned on to as well. People have purchased large quantities to use as centerpieces and table displays. Caterers have purchased brick molds to hold silverware or even to put small dishes in for a beautiful way to serve condiments etc.

How about unique succulent planters? Use brick molds to hold pens and other office supplies at your desk or paint brushes and other craft supplies. Stack them and insert books for the most unique bookshelf ever!

The uses for vintage brick, sugar and cheese molds are endless and you are only limited by your imagination. What are some other uses for these molds? We would love to hear from you.

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