Custom Painting

Custom Furniture Painting

Do you have some old furniture pieces that need to be re-painted, re-imagined or re-purposed? We have been honored to help many clients with custom paint jobs and we would love to help with yours.

We go the extra mile

We do not just slap some chalk paint on furniture, wax it and call it a day. We assess each piece of furniture, determining it’s individual needs. We ask our clients to show us sample pictures of how they would like their furniture to look. We work with the client to come up with a game plan and price quote.

Depending on the desired look, we apply several coats of all natural paint to the piece, lightly sanding between coats. Once the desired color(s) have been achieved, we make sure all pieces are protected. To the drawers and body we apply several coats of clear Satin protective finish. All top surfaces get several coats of Endurance protective finish for durability followed a couple coats of Flat Matte finish. We again, lightly sand after the protective finishes have dried. All painted surfaces are finished off with a clear wax for luster and further protection. Depending on the desired final look, we may apply an antiquing glaze, aging wax or other products. All this to say, we don’t skip steps. We make sure your finished piece of furniture is something we would be happy with displaying in our own home.

How Much Does Custom Furniture Painting Cost?

There is no simple formula as every piece of furniture is different. Prices vary based on many factors:

  • The size of the piece
  • The amount of details on the piece
  • The desired look, which often means many additional steps (eg antiquing, glazing, dark wax in details etc)
  • If we are putting new hardware or repainting your existing
  • Any other custom additions etc

As a general example depending on factors above:

  • Dresser – you could pay between $150 and $250+
  • Night stand – $60 to $75 each
  • Chairs – $40 to $75 (chairs are time consuming due to lack of flat surfaces).
  • Buffet/sideboards – $150 to $300+

These are just general examples. Clearly there are exceptions such as very small kids dresser or massive over sized furniture that will fall outside these ranges. We will give you an exact quote before we begin and the price will not change unless you make changes after we begin.

For a quote please call or text 909-731-3108 or stop by the Yucaipa store.

All pieces will be finished with CeCe Caldwell’s All Natural Chalk + Clay paints and finishes.


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