Furniture & Antique Consignment in Yucaipa Store

We offer consignment on certain furniture antique and vintage items but, honestly, we are picky as to what we consign. The reasons we are so picky is three fold.

  1. Space – We have limited floor space so we cannot take everything.
  2. Age- The furniture we carry must be antique or vintage. By this we mean pre-mid century (usually more than 60 years old) .
  3. Style – We advertise certain styles such as farmhouse, cottage, primitive, country, shabby, industrial etc. We have to keep a fairly narrow focus so the clients know what to expect at our store. If we start peppering our store with newer items,  mid century modern etc, we loose the vibe we are trying to achieve. We even often turn down many very nice “fancy” antiques…. we are a rustic store and do not carry fancy, high lacquer…. high end antiques. We carry antiques and vintage items that fit the casual, comfortable “common folk” home. Nothing wrong with other styles. They are all great in their own regard. We just choose homey and rough around the edges (like ourselves) over museum pieces.
  4. Other Antiques- We consign interesting and unusual antique and vintage items as well (beyond furniture). We generally do not deal in Chinaware, dolls, jewelry, collectibles, and common chachkies.

Consignment rates

We are happy to offer a very fair consignment split. We pay out 70% and the store keeps 30%. Please contact the store for further details. You will be required to sign a very simple consignment agreement upon placing items in our store.